Southron Dreams

Dissident Right

In the historical development of the country, in the ethnic makeup of its past and present demography, and in the manner with which it is an Empire that pretends not to be, the United States is a country almost entirely unique to the world. In its early days, contained within it were several distinct cultural regions. Most notable among the various cultural centers was the South, an area that has been written about and studied more than any other region in American history.

Southerners maintained “concentric circles” of identity; they were primarily of English, Irish, or Scots-Irish ethnicity, and yes, they viewed themselves as American, but more importantly, they were Southern. They were Georgians, Virginians, Missourians, Tennesseeans, and they felt considerable pride in being those things – the pride that comes from a deep sense of belonging to the land and people in their community. It could be argued that Southerners abided by an American version of…

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